About Us

Welcome to HamTenna online shop,

unlike other perhaps more famous companies we have chosen a policy of transparency and proximity to the customer. All the products offered for sale are created in our laboratory at the time of order, each piece is assembled and tested in the laboratory instrumentally; “in stock” means we have material in stock to assemble your product.

We have chosen this policy in order to offer the customer a product that first of all REALLY reflects the declared characteristics and that is unique and certified.

Each product comes out of HamTenna with a serial number and the date of production, is sent to the customer complete with a paper printout of the instrumental test after careful tests and all this with delivery times like those who declare “in stock” but who then really in stock is not… our shipping times NEVER exceed 5 working days for Baluns and CMCC (other specs for antennas production). Our production sequence for each order:

  • receiving the order
  • assembling the product in the laboratory
  • testing the product instrumentally and print the response curves
  • testing the product under dummy load with the maximum declared power
  • carrying out the instrumental tests again
  • packaging and shipping the product with the printouts of the tests carried out attached

If you want a commercial product, ready on a shelf and shipped the following day, maybe produced somewhere without any quality control we are sorry but we cannot help you … if instead you are looking for quality, transparency and technical assistance you are welcome among our customers.

From 6 November 2021 we have moved our payments to STRIPE platform which guarantees us a better service than PayPal at lower costs (lower commissions).

Your payments will be managed with the same level of security as PayPal and we will always be at your disposal for any assistance.

We are real, we are “Hams” and our interest is to satisfy every customer and we look forward in this direction !