IC-7300 RX-Antenna board


The board is equipped with a miniaturized coaxial relay with a loss of 0.1dB at 6GHz.

The board is interposed along the internal RX line of the RTX while the N.O. of the relay is brought to the rear panel of the radio by means of a Teflon coaxial cable and a female SMA connector.

The power supply of the board is taken from the connector dedicated to the tuner, which must be removed from the rear panel to make room for the plate with SMA connector and changeover switch.

The power supply of the board can be acquired by simply connecting to the connector, keeping the connector inside the radio or, in a more “clean” way, by removing the connector and soldering the + Vcc to the orange cable of the “tuner” connector.

The board has a ferrite on the power supply line to limit the disturbs that can be picked up by the raly power supply line, provided that the connections, both coax and “wire” have been kept as short as possible.

The board must be fixed with the double-sided adhesive supplied without the aid of anchors or screws.

Once installed, simply switch with the switch on the rear panel, the use of the main antenna (connected to the SO-239 of the radio) or the RX-antenna auxiliary antenna connected to the female SMA on the back next to the switch to have instantaneous, no loss of insertion and automatic switching of the two antennas.

It therefore does not require any further external RX-TX switching relay box.

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ICOM IC-7300 is undoubtedly one of the best-selling radios of the last 20 years, chosen for its excellent quality/price ratio, for the lightness and compactness of the measures, for the ease of use and the many features.

Unfortunately, ICOM has not thought about providing this radio with an antenna connector dedicated to the RX-antenna, an accessory that is often useful if not essential on the 80/160 bands both in fixed stations and in DXpeditions.

There are only a few solutions on the market to provide this radio with an RX-antenna connection that must be manually connected and disconnected by means of a coaxial cable jumper …

We now provide an automatic solution with which you can activate and deactivate the antenna with a simple switch. RX in order to be immediately operational or to be able to instantly switch the main antenna and the RX antenna in reception only…. All 99% plug & play !!!


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